May. 30th, 2014

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List three champions of your creative self-worth.

Be specific. Write down the good things that people have said and done to encourage you and your creativity, and the things within you that have helped your creativity thrive. Even small encouragements count. If you find it easy to filter compliments out of your memory and focus on the negative stuff, now is a good time to dig out and reconstruct some of those long-discarded affirmations. "Even if you disbelieve a compliment," Cameron says, "record it. It may well be true."

If you have a hard time finding champions in your own past and present, don't worry. Inspiring remarks by other artists, even if you haven't met them personally, are just fine. So is art and writing that gives you a feeling of permission -- and so is anything that inspires you.

Keep your champions near you. Don't discount them because there's a possibility they could be wrong. That isn't always for you to decide.

A reminder: Don't forget to schedule a date with your artist! If you feel like trying guided meditation this week, there are some easy and straightforward ones over here.

Did you do your morning pages today?
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