Jun. 2nd, 2014

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If you've spent a whole week recovering your creative self, it's normal to find yourself attacked by stronger doubt and self-doubt. Like ideas and bacteria, our creative blocks adapt. Some common attacks include worries about doing morning pages the wrong way, anxiety about being selfish or self-indulgent, or the need to start a big new project right away. Cameron encourages us to keep doing affirmations, and to make new affirmations out of any new attacks. It's also important not to show your morning pages to anyone, even yourself.

This week, we'll work on separating ourselves from the attackers.

Cameron's common attacks )

This week, try using physical cues to help give yourself the space you need. Give yourself an hour every day of protected time. Turn off the phone, turn off the computer (or use Zenwriter, TextRoom, or another simplifier), and don't respond to messages during that time. Put on music, change the lighting, or burn incense if those things are effective for you. If you can spare a whole hour at once, then do it. If you can only manage fifteen-minute blocks of time, use those instead.

Please feel free to use these weekly posts as an open thread for thoughts, issues, and observations regarding last week, plans for this one, or anything else you want to talk about that hasn't been addressed.

Don't forget to do your morning pages, and to schedule a date with your artist sometime this week.
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