Jun. 3rd, 2014

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Draw a circle of protection around your creative life – you can write “morning pages” “artist date” “working on my painting” “reading poetry” “sewing” or anything else that needs protection on a sheet of paper and draw a generous circle around it.

You can include champions, collaborators, or any sustaining thing within the circle, or connect them with vines.

If there are people or things you specifically need protection from -- destructive friends or self-sabotaging tendencies, job encroachment, fear, or anything else you can think of, write them down, too -- outside the circle of protection. Things that are especially destructive or persistent can have forcefields of their own. Make the forcefields nice and thick if you're a visual thinker-- you can use markers or colored pencils to make thick, bright or dark membranes. Don't let the bubbles touch!

If that doesn't work for you, try other ways of visualizing a form of protection or sustenance for your creative life. As always, there's no need to post about this task or even to say whether you've done it.

Did you do your morning pages today?
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