Jun. 17th, 2014

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Your task today, if you're up to it (and as always, no need to say what you've done or whether you've done it), is to describe your ideal environment. Town or country? Upscale or cozy? Write a paragraph or draw a picture or find an image that depicts this. What's your favorite season? Why? Draw a picture of this, or find an image to represent it. Place this near your working area.

Did you do your morning pages today?
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Cameron, p. 85-86:

[A]s you look over the time you have been doing your morning writing, you will see that many changes have entered your life as a result of your willingness to clear room in it for your creator's action. You will have noticed an increased, sometimes disconcerting, sense of personal energy, some bursts of anger, some flash points of clarity. People and objects may have taken on a different meaning to you. There will be a sense of the flow of life-- that you are brought into new vistas as you surrender to moving with the flow of God. This is clear already.

Bafflement and Faith )

As a daily task for this week, Cameron suggests that you "Write your own Artist's Prayer (See pages 207-208.) Use it every day for a week." (p. 90)

An interesting thing about my edition of The Artist's Way (2002 Tenth Anniversary Edition) is that some of the internal page number references apparently haven't been updated for the new edition, so while Cameron refers to her own Artist's Prayer on p. 207-208, the Artist's Prayer is actually on p. 223 in this edition. Page number references to earlier in the book are correct, but references to the Appendix are wrong.

Whoever was in charge of proofreading at Tarcher/Putnam appears to have been sleeping on the job in general; the edition is attractively designed but the typo rate is really high -- not as bad as the worst examples I've encountered, but noticeably worse than average.

Anyway, here's Cameron's Artist's Prayer for your reference:

An Artist's Prayer )
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