Jun. 21st, 2014

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Are there burdensome objects in your life? Clothes that make you feel ugly but take up space in your cupboards, textbooks from classes you didn't enjoy, research materials for a project you never finished, fabric or busted jeans kept against the day when you could afford a sewing machine, heirlooms or gifts you don't really like?

Objects like this can be hard to let go of because they represent an aspiration or a hope, but they also take up space and make us feel defeated. There will be other outfits, other fabric scraps, other books. Pick one thing that is burdensome and give it away, sell it, or toss it. Art supplies can go to after-school programs and art camps, clothes to thrift and consignment stores if they're in good condition (or to animal shelters if they're not).

If you don't have any burdensome objects in your life, look at one situation in your life that you feel you should and can change, but haven't yet. What benefit do you get from not changing this situation? Is there a small change you can make this week that will take you in the right direction?

On a personal note, today I get to do reading deprivation while minding a bookstore! I am very excited for the impending end of reading deprivation.

Did you do your morning pages?
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