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Set a bottom line.

Make new rules about how you interact with your habits and blocks. Stick to them for at least one week.

If you regularly spend long hours researching for projects you find it hard to begin, can you limit research to a particular part of the day? If you spend a lot of down time on websites that are refreshing and fun, but swallow up more of your time than you'd like, can you make a rule about when you have to stop reading, or which evenings are for recreational reading and which have to be free?

If you're a freelancer, do you routinely undervalue your time? (I have a terrible habit of under-reporting my hours so as to be a “better deal.”) Don't do that if you can avoid it.

What other rules can you make?

If making a bunch of new rules doesn't work for you, try another task from this week: List three actions you could take to nurture or comfort your artist. Then do one of them.

Did you do your morning pages today?
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List five small victories of the past week. List five small victories of the past five years.

Did you do your morning pages?
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Tell the truth about your creativity-blocking habits. Didn't we do this already? Cameron ask us to do it again. What do we enjoy or get out of them? What about them nurtures, entertains or sustains us? What makes them worth it?

What can we preserve about our habits and relationships while making room for more creativity? What do we have to let go?

Did you do your morning pages today?
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Make a quick list of things you love -- happiness touchstones for you. Cameron's touchstones include "River rocks worn smooth, willow trees, cornflowers, chicory, real Italian bread, homemade vegetable soup, the Bo Deans' music, black beans and rice, the smell of new-mown grass, blue velvet (the cloth and the song)"

Don't worry about your touchstones making you look good or saying good things about you; stick to things you really love. Draw one of them or make a book or post the list somewhere where it can remind you.

Did you do your morning pages today?
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Make three nice promises to yourself, and keep them.

Do one nice thing for yourself every day this week. It doesn't have to be anything huge. Just something for yourself.

Sub in "kind" or other suitable word if you don't go in for "nice."

Did you do your morning pages today?
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Week Ten begins with a discussion of the "myriad ways" people use to block creativity. Her examples are food, alcohol, drugs, busyness, sad love drama, and sex. One potential blocking device that Cameron doesn't mention, but which is relevant to this workshop, is the buying impulse -- picking up a new journal in lieu of writing on the paper you already have -- or the getting-my-head-straight-first impulse, e.g. reading self-help books instead of working on existing projects. I can relate to that. If you have a blocking device or two of your own, you probably know what it is.

Some slightly OT musing )

More assessment, more boundaries )

Sometimes you may feel dried up )

There's a section on fame, competition, and the need for approval -- Cameron's theory is that we're all just hoping for fan letters from ourselves. She also suggests that when someone we know is successful, "That proves it can be done!" can be a more helpful reaction than, "Everyone else is succeeding instead of me." "The desire to be better than," Cameron says, "can choke off the desire to be." Don't be afraid to do things badly on the way to doing them well.

Morning pages! Artist's date! How's everyone doing, eh?


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