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Some themes for Week 11 are: accepting your artist self, accepting the importance of creativity, the pitfalls of success (again, it's easy to self-sabotage after a small success; big ones have the same risk magnified), work-life balance, the usefulness of physical activity.

It's heavy on the anecdotes, but the ideas are simple. Don't discount creativity because it's not "practical;" acknowledge it as an important part of your life. This can mean accepting the risks and complications of being an artist, and it also means accepting yourself (whether or not you fit the Cameronian ideal of a creative person).

The exercise section (predictably called "The Zen of Sports") is interesting, if not always clear. The main ideas here are that creativity is an embodied action and unblocking requires moving from the "head" into the body (please feel free to ignore my compulsion to point out that the head is part of the body), and that physical activity causes us to live in and pay attention to the present as a form of meditation. She encourages her readers to run around, take long walks, go swimming, or otherwise engage the whole body. Cameron doesn't offer alternatives for people with limited mobility, but the exercise stuff seems to be operating on more or less the same principle as the "filling the well" idea, where any attention-requiring repetitive action can help replenish creative resources.

The final section describes creating an artist's altar and reiterates the idea of making tactile and sensory changes to your creative space as a way of reinforcing enthusiasm, protection, and enjoyment.

Don't forget to schedule a date with your artist this week, and do your morning pages every day!
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