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There wasn't really enough Spiritual Path material in this chapter to merit a post, so I'm opening up a discussion / check-in thread. Talk about your progress or regress, complain about me or Cameron or me complaining about Cameron, or talk about what's been working / not working for you.

Search your feelings, interrogate the text from the wrong perspective, swap recipes, or just go back to bed and call it an artist's date. Anything goes in this special Artist's Way Extra Meta Post!
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I'm still on a work trip & still in Busy Mode, but yesterday I had a small amount of free time, so I made a valiant attempt to wander around a little and *gasp!* do some writing. As a direct result of my meanderings, I lost my phone. If I believed in a responsive universe that used events to send messages, I think the message of today would be, "Never try to write, or you will lose work-related objects and have to pay to replace them."

It's a good thing I don't believe that.

Anyway, today's task: Create one wonderful smell in your living space. Burn a candle, bring in some fir branches, bake some bread, cook something aromatic. Be sure to make it a smell you especially like, not necessarily a smell you think other people will like.

Did you do your morning pages today?
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Ok, so. I know I said I would keep my grubby atheist mitts off the Spiritual Path posts, but I'm going back on my promise for just a minute because I want to be clear about one thing. This chapter is chock-full of quotations from and allusions to a very sketchy genre of writing in which money naturally flows toward people who have the "right" spiritual and emotional alignments, and "money will come when you are doing the right thing." These quotes aren't particularly central to the chapter, but they're all over it and I really wish they weren't.

This is not the way our economy works and it is irresponsible to pretend that it is.

If you're poor or broke right now, it is not because you didn't place enough trust in the benevolence of the universe, because you failed to visualize your dreams, or because you blocked the natural flow of monetary energy with your negative commie thoughts. At the very least, there are other factors at work.

This is not a blanket diss on positive thinking as a practice. Clarifying your goals to yourself CAN help you achieve them. Working through your attitudes toward money CAN help you get more of it (for example, if you have blocks about saving money or asking for a raise). Doing what you love instead of what you think you ought to do CAN have financial payoffs, sometimes more quickly than you expect (and sometimes not). Anything that clears your head and decreases stress can have positive effects that are wide-ranging and deep, and might include being better able to make and manage money.

But the idea that "money is God in action" or "a golden flowing stream of concretized vital energy" (both quoted passages appearing in the margins of this chapter) is neither true nor kind, and I can't sign on for it, even by passively not including it here. Money is just money. Economic systems are not karmic systems. I am going to chalk this one up to "Julia Cameron's unexamined class privilege" and move on.

A couple of better ideas below:

This week, in your morning pages, write about the god you do believe in and the god you would like to believe in. For some of us, this means, "What if God's a woman and she's on my side?" For others, it is a god of energy. For still others, a collective of higher forces moving us toward our higher good. If you are still dealing with a god consciousness that has remained unexamined since childhood, you are probably dealing with a toxic god. What would a nontoxic god think of your creative goals? Might such a god really exist? [. . .]

Many of us equate difficulty with virtue )

In addition to the morning pages direction above, for this week's tasks, Cameron encourages us to look out for "[a]ny new flow in your life" and to "[p]ractice saying yes to freebies" (114) She also suggests that we

Reread the Basic Principles (See page 3.) Do this once daily. Read an Artist's Prayer-- yours from Week Four or mine on pages 207-208. Do this once daily.
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I'm going to be traveling for the next few days. Since Dreamwidth doesn't allow me to schedule posts (that I can tell), this may mean that I'll have to put several days up at once in order not to fall behind. I apologize for any confusion this may cause.


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