May. 28th, 2014

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Today, if you're up to it, find an image to represent your inner censor, if you have one. Whose voice is it that snaps at you when you try to write one of those affirmations from Monday? What is it that follows you around as you write or draw or design or play, warning you not to hope too much or expect anyone to care?

It could be one of your creativity's enemies from the past, or it might be an entity all its own, like the talking oil slick from Fern Gully, or a sardonic version of yourself, or this expressive Pallas' cat:

A very large grey cat bearing its teeth in a lopsided way

Use those affirmations as bait to get it out in the open -- if there's one you feel particularly resistant to, say it out loud or write it in big clear letters until your censor comes to stop you.

I am a brilliant and prolific artist.
Creativity is an important part of who I am
I deserve a rich and fulfilling creative life
I am willing to give my gifts the space and time they deserve
I am not afraid to nurture my creativity
I am an artist. I [crochet, paint, write, dance. . . ] with confidence and joy
I am a gifted [composer, poet, sculptor, fabric artist. . .]

Affirmations made out of negative thoughts ("blurts") can be especially good censor bait. You can describe your censor in words or use a found image if you prefer.

My inner censor is really several different voices. Last year, I chose to represent them as cartoon faces with bright, staring eyes. Some of them resemble people from my past, while others are nebulous future fictions.

Once you've brought your inner censor into the light of day, trash it like the no-taste-having joykiller it is. Slice a big X through it, or crumple it up and throw it away.

Did you do your morning pages today?
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