Jul. 15th, 2014

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Pick three to five of these affirmations to work with this week, or make your own. Write them down and decorate them if you like. Listen to some music.

I am a talented person.
I have a right to be an artist.
I am a good person and a good artist.
Creativity is a gift I accept.
My creativity is a gift to others.
My creativity is appreciated.
I now treat myself and my creativity more gently.
I now treat myself and my creativity more generously.
I now share my creativity more openly.
I now accept hope.
I now act affirmatively.
I now accept creative recovery.
I now allow myself to heal.

If you've tried affirmations and they don't do it for you, skip right over them and listen to some music you haven't heard yet or haven't listened to in a while. Maybe hang out with some poetry if you like poetry.

Did you do your morning pages today?
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